Movies you just had to see in 2016 were simply epic. From “OJ: Made in America, “through the seriously odd and funny "Lobster" to blockbuster “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” we were served a seriously engaging platter of blockbuster must–see. Great movies of all genres came so fast and furiously that it is possible to wonder if 2017 can possibly deliver bigger and better films.

Movies – 2017 start getting excited about cinema world

There is a fantastic line-up of comedy, drama, action and sci-fi for 2017 and there is going to be a movie next year that will blow you away no matter what your personal preference is.

The number of movies that look to be top entertainment are too many for this space, so here we take a look at some of what we can expect in the first quarter.

‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’

The movie will release in theaters on 27 January. "Resident Evil: Retribution" grabbed our attention five years ago, and at last we have the next series in the Sci-fi Horror franchise. Milla Jovovich will return once again. This is the 6th installment of the long-running series and it looks like where "Retribution" ended is going to be the starting point of "The Final Chapter." Futuristic, zombie plagues, viruses, and brilliant special effects make this movie a top choice next month.

‘The Lego Batman Movie’

Remember February 10 if you are one of those who became obsessed with the concept of plastic bricklets and comic characters when “The Lego Movie” hit our screens. Warner Brothers could be onto a major hit with the high demand "Batman" and the charm of presenting it in Lego.

‘Kong: Skull Island’

"Kong" is always popular. You know how nobody over the age of eight really believes in Santa, but we all kind of wish he was real? That’s the appeal of the eternally exciting and action packed "Kong" movies. We want to believe that what we see on the screen does exist and for a short time this, the biggest and best version yet will transport us.

"Kong: Skull Island" will open on 10 March 2017.

Trailers - other movies to watch for in 2017

‘The Great Wall’

‘Power Rangers’

‘Alien: Covenant’

‘War for the Planet of the Apes’


‘The Dark Tower’

So 2017 movies look to be just as epic as 2016 and there are plenty more exceptional films to look forward to in Cinema theaters next year.

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