For many new film directors, producers, and screenwriters, the road can be long and hard to get a good start. Finding the right crew and production team on a limited budget can be an uphill battle. However, the 168 Film Project has a contest designed to help new filmmakers get a decent budget.

Code named 8168

Behind the contest are John David Ware, founder of SLATE Entertainment Fellowship. Gary Swanson, leader of the Tinseltown Bible Studies. Steve Puffenberger, a filmmaker who has been a part of 168 since 2008.

Brian Bird, who has a thirty year career in Hollywood producing hit films and television series including the movie "Not Easily Broken" (adapted from the novel by minister TD Jakes). He is currently on the production team of a biographical film about the life of writer Lee Strobel. Ware said in a press release, "The idea behind 168 Days is to have some scripts available from our community for the feature competition. Knowing our artists' dedication, I expect only excellence."

According to the press release, the 2017 contest, code named 8168, invites new filmmakers to create a short film as an entry.

This short film will be entered into the 168 Film Project speed film contest in May. From these producers, a few will be selected to present their proposal for a full length feature film at the 168 Film Festival in August. The winners will be given the opportunity to present a complete proposal, including cast lists, script, crew, and marketing strategy in November.

The prize is a $250,000 film budget to the chosen winner.

They are currently using equity investors and crowdfunding to raise the money for the prize. They are trying to raise it by May 2017. No comment has been given as to what happens should the goal not be reached. Every year has reached its goal since the competition's inception.

There is a new facet to the 2017 contest. The 168 Days is also a screenwriter competition for scripts. The winner will be one of the invited producers that will attend the Los Angeles festival.

It is currently open and accepting entries.

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