Valerie Fairman was on the second season of "16 & Pregnant." The Reality TV star has struggled with substance abuse for years, as well as several run-ins with the law. Valerie Fairman passed away yesterday in what appears to be a drug overdose. She was visiting a friend and went into the bathroom. A length of time passed and she had not come out, so the friend went to check on her. After breaking into the bathroom, her friend found her unresponsive. Valerie's death is being investigated by the Chester County Coroner.

Where is Nevaeh?

According to Hollywood Life, her daughter Nevaeh Lynn (Heaven spelled backwards) is now 7-years-old and lives with Valerie's mother, Janice. It sounds like she has been caring for her granddaughter for some time now, as she has custody. Neveah wanted to go to school today because of the class Christmas party, so Janice let her go. The school counselor spoke with Neveah a couple of times, and she is handling the situation very well. She remains in good spirits, and is up-beat about Christmas.

The little girl is blessed to have a loving support system to help her through the tragedy of losing her mother.

Janice is planning a memorial service but isn't able to provide details at this time. The coroner will have to complete an autopsy to verify that the death was indeed an overdose before the family can proceed.

A troubled past

Valerie Fairman had been through rehab several times, but each time returned to drugs.

Her mother said she wasn't aware that Valerie was using again. Her former boyfriend and several friends have posted on social media and acknowledged the trouble she faced with substance abuse.

When we look back at her legal problems, they began in 2011 when she was arrested for allegedly assaulting her adoptive mother. That time she was held at the Chester County Youth Center. The next year, 2012, she faced the police on six occasions.

There were three felonies and three misdemeanors. She faced a prison sentence of 22 months in 2014 after a probation violation, but didn't even serve a full two months. In 2015 she allegedly propositioned an undercover police officer and was charged with prostitution. Just last week she again got in trouble for resisting arrest, as well as providing fake identification to the police officers.

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