A few hours ago, new information was revealed regarding the series "Dragoon Ball Super," leaving things open for the possible arrival of the universal god called Zeno-Chan, who would take charge helping to the Saiyans to rid the universes of the immortal Zamasu.

Trunks of the future has not yet killed Zamasu

Zamasu has to be erased from the parallel universe and the alternative future by means of the power that rests in the hands of Zeno-Chan, because Trunks of the future still has not managed to eliminate the villain, even though that in and of itself is a tall order for anyone to have to undertake, especially when you dial things back to episode 66 of the saga.


The suspense will remain a bit more in the alternative future, but the universal god claims his repudiation to acting of Zamasu, whereas this one recognizes his mistake of having unloaded his ire towards humanity, because the Saiyan Trunks was the cause of the timelines being disrupted, without asking for permission from the supreme gods who exist in every universe and the planet Earth.


The interesting thing is the advance that it is possible to estimate where the universal god moves his fingers using the word to "erase" what Zamasu remains enclosed in -- in a dimension without being able to go out of his paradigm, since the immortality fades away in small particles.

The happiness also comes for the god of the destruction of the universe 7, who remains worried because it might have died in a collateral way, since if a Kaioshin dies, a universal god has to die to give balance to the 12 universes and the planet Earth.

At the end of the chapter the universal god announces the official news of the universal tournament of martial arts, in which will participate the strongest warriors of the planet Earth and other universes. The new chapter will premiere on Saturday, December 3rd, and this way you will not get lost in all things related to the saga of Trunks' return.


For further information regarding the next arc of the series, check out the video below: