Paulie Calafiore and Zakiyah Everette fell for one another last summer on “Big Brother 18” and they have managed to transition their “BB18” relationship into a long-distance romance outside of the house. The duo, dubbed “Zaulie” by their supporters, have been apart for a few weeks now, but it's clear that the love continues. What's the latest from these two?

Despite the distance, Zaulie remains together

Zakiyah and Paulie have spent a lot of time together since “Big Brother 18” ended, despite the fact that she lives in North Carolina and he is based in New Jersey.

The initial weeks after the finale included a lot of traveling for the duo together and they were able to spend Halloween together in Edmonton for some events with fellow “BB18” cast members Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel.

These days, Calafiore and Everette are back in their respective hometowns and fans miss seeing them together. The two had previously shared that for now, their romance would remain a long-distance one. Paulie has a number of business ventures that keep him in Jersey while Zakiyah is working on finishing her master's degree in North Carolina.

Despite the distance, these two have made sure to share quite a few posts via social media indicating that they are still together and missing one another.

Zakiyah and Paulie have shared some updates

The latest post comes from Everette on Instagram, where she posted a cute photo of her with Calafiore and noted that she's “Missing Pudding.” She also shared via Snapchat that she's gone through a batch of gifts sent by Zaulie fans and she noted some that she knows that her guy will particularly enjoy.

Other recent posts include Zakiyah wearing a shirt that she bought for Paulie but might not be able to resist keeping for herself, and him wearing a baseball cap that was a nod to his gal's hometown.

Paulie and Zakiyah may be physically apart for the moment, but they are both keeping busy working on various projects and charitable efforts and they have been committed to sharing one another's projects via social media.

The two “Big Brother 18” stars have raised more than $22,000 for the charitable projects they're currently working on and fans can only imagine what more they have lined up to tackle.

Zaulie fans are anxious to see these two reunite

Zaulie supporters are thrilled that both Paulie and Zakiyah are both doing so well these days and that they remain head-over-heels for one another. Of course, everybody is anxious to see Calafiore and Everette back together again for a visit, but for now, they'll all have to hang tight to see when the two are able to spend time together again.

The Zaulie, “ZHive” and “CalafioreNation” crews are some of the most dedicated and passionate fan bases out there and there is no doubt that they will go wild when these two “BB18” stars get together for a visit again.

What do you think will come next for Paulie Calafiore and Zakiyah Everette of “Big Brother 18”? When do you think the "BB18" lovebirds will be able to reunite again?

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