Willow Smith, the daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, recorded a song titled "November 9th." The soothing ballad expresses what the young woman feels about the outcome of the election. Rather than singing negatively about it, Willow encourages young girls, young boys and adults who are experiencing sadness and grief from the results of the election on November 8. The beauty of the ballad is that the 16-year-old singer doesn't mention politics or the election at all.

'November 9th'

It is surprising that Willow Smith was able to record and publicly release a ballad on her SoundCloud on November 13, just five days after the election.

The song is moving, and one can hear Willow's heartfelt emotion as she recommends hope for Americans. Even though the ballad doesn't mention politics at all, the title gives a big clue about why the song was written and recorded. "November 9th" is in contrast to some of Willow's other songs. It is nothing like her song "Whip My Hair" recorded in 2010 that launched her music career.

Willow Smith has always been outspoken in her opinion about what she wears, how she styles her hair, and the accessories she displays.

However, her latest song is toned down so much that it is almost unbelievable that it is Willow who is singing the soft ballad. She used music and singing to comfort herself and to pass along hope to others.

Willow's comment

The teenager said she wrote the one minute and 39 seconds ballad on the day of the election. She used the hashtag “transcendental lullaby” to promote it. In a lullaby style, Willow believes her musical choice will provide comfort and hope to others.

The young singer's ballad has already received positive reviews in the few days since its release. People call it uplifting and encouraging.

It is interesting how some are reacting to Republican President-elect Donald Trump's victory over the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. There have been protests in many cities around the country. Some of them have been peaceful, and some of them have been violent.

Willow Smith decided to use her energy in a positive matter through music and song.

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