One of the biggest stories over the weekend was the incident involving the cast of the musical "Hamilton" and Vice President-elect Mike Pence. The story dominated cable news since occurring Friday night, and was still a hot topic on Monday morning.

Whoopi on "The View"

In an attempt to get away from leading the Donald Trump transition team, Mike Pence took time out of his busy scheduled on Friday night to attend a performance of the award-winning musical "Hamilton." As Pence made his way to his seat, he was booed by much of the audience.


By the time the show came to a close, Pence was addressed by the entire cast during the closing curtain call, most notably by African-American actor Brandon Victor Dixon. As with most topics in 2016, the reaction was split down political ideology, and was a topic of discussion on the November 21 edition of "The View" on ABC.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg gave her thoughts on the altercation, which appeared to clash with co-host and former Fox News host Jedediah Bila.


The two appeared on the same page, at first, when Bila said she "didn't mind the statement, but rather "the way it was done." "I think there has to be a place," Bila explained, noting, "Mike Pence didn’t show up there as (vice) president-elect, he showed up with his daughter to see a play." Bila started to explain what she would have done in Pence's situation, but was cut off by Goldberg.

"You’re not vice president and they wouldn’t be doing this to you!" Whoopi Goldberg said.

"Maybe if I explain how this works you’ll understand it better," she noted. "You don't necessarily know when somebody is coming, 30 minutes, maybe 20 minutes before. Generally, they then watch the show and come backstage," the Oscar winner explained, before noting that the cast wrote a special message to Pence that they were forced to deliver on stage because the vice president-elect wasn't going backstage. "So no, they wouldn't do that for you," Whoopi Goldberg noted.

Moving forward

As expected, Donald Trump had words for the "Hamilton" cast, referring to them as "overrated," while accusing them of "harassing" Mike Pence before calling for an apology in a multiple-tweet rant. With the theater drama behind them, for now, Trump and Pence will have just under two months to finalizing their cabinet and the remaining staff in their administration.

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