The battle

If the Sayajin fights with the human Saitama it would be assumed that Goku will win because of the multiple transformations and the incredible power that he has. However Saitama would have the advantage because he has the power of one punch that could destroy anyone.

How would the battle be? Long and boring? Or short and fun?

Who is Saitama?

This character is the protagonist of the famous anime entitled “One Punch Man” and being the most powerful hero of the series or anime. As for his power he faces crisis as he is so powerful that he can defeat his opponents in one fell swoop, so his battles are no fun as he can defeat anyone in one fell swoop. Even could defeat Goku.



Among his abilities is immeasurable strength, with a little strength that Saitama does is able to defeat Goku, monsters and villains. A blow from this would be so powerful that many enemies simply disappear at the time of being struck.

Sometimes Saitama could exaggerate using his techniques, thus being able to destroy until a planet and causing devastation in the universes if we put of example to “Dragon Ball Super”.

Among his abilities he can also use clones like Naruto Uzumaki, he is as fast as Flash and powerful as Prince Vegeta.

When moving so fast leaves residules images that would be the clones.

Goku uses his technique to find the Ki of the enemies that are nearby, it is a very useful skill but not like that of his opponent who in this case would be Saitama. He has the superhuman sense, it goes much further than Goku’s technique.

Saitama is able to make a move before his opponent does, if goku tried to hit a Super Kamehameha, Saitama would have a fist tucked in his face. It is so fast and its meaning is so developed that could realize if there is danger in a place or not.

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He also has a great listening ability, being able to listen to several talks from other people at a great distance.

Note: The video was created by fans of both series, taking into account the power of each character. It’s not an official video.