After the strong rumors about the new saga that would be launched in December and after the interview that had the manager of the manga Toyotaro, it is obvious that a new saga brought by the hand of Akira Toriyama is on the way and one of the biggest doubts Is who will be in charge of troubling the Z Warriors?

Over the years Goku and his friends have faced all kinds of opponents, from emperors of the universe to perfect androids arrived from the future and also passing by space demons. In the last years, they have raised the level of fight until they can fight against the same gods and the last adversaries seen in ''Dragon Ball Super''.

Black and Zamasu are beings of great power and immortality (by this long repertoire of villains we believe that the next enemy Should be up to their standards, and even more, to exceed them).

Something about Trunks

Although the Trunks saga has not yet ended, it is already in its final stretch and we can not deny that it has given us the most epic moments of all ''Dragon Ball'', and that is thanks (in large part) to the great villain that is Goku Black. So, if the next villain wants to live up to it, the most feasible possibility is that he is another god from another universe.

Of course having a god of destruction as a villain would be something repetitive, but that was when they announced that Trunks of the future would come back for help. If the script is an original by Akira Toriyama there is no doubt that it can give us something fresh, even if the villain is a destroying god again.

The arrive of a new character

You must ask why we bet so much on another god instead of any other possible character?

That is simple - many people say that Bills does not get into things that are not his case. The truth is that if he wanted to end any threat in an instant such how he did with Zamasu, so - for the threat to be credible - we must have an enemy that is even more powerful than Bills, and that forces them all to reach the limit and beyond.

A true force of nature that from the first moment of its appearance notices its superiority and makes it clear that it is not here to play or make friends.

All this is clear and also depends on the saga that we are going to see. May the next one be fulfilling.

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