President-elect Donald Trump became a celebrity in his own right, especially after having been nominated twice for an Emmy Award and making cameo appearances in 12 films and 14 television series. His most notable contribution to TV the production of his reality show "The Apprentice," which aired on NBC. In 2007, Trump earned his very own Hollywood Walk of Fame Star for "The Apprentice." The famed real estate mogul has obtained a lot of support and simultaneous hate from his fellow celebrities, particularly during his presidential election campaign.

Celebs who supported Trump

With Hollywood being divided just as much the rest of the country on their opinion of who should be president, Trump has been able to gain support from celebs such as Scott Baio, Stephen Baldwin, and Antonio Sabato Jr., to name a few. On Sunday, Scott Baio said on "Justice with Jeanine" that he is good now that Donald Trump is president-elect, even if he never gets work in Hollywood again. Baio and Baldwin have apparently accepted that Hollywood might punish them for supporting Trump, even though he won the presidential race.

"We've come up with an idea: 'The two fresh princes of the White House' starring Scott Baio and Stephen Baldwin," joked Baldwin with his colleague to Judge Jeanine Pirro. "We may need to be adopted by President Trump at this point. That's how bad the situation is."

Sabato Jr. told Fox411, that he believes in Trump's message and that this is the type of change America needs, and expressed that he will continue to support Trump, and also pointed out that he doesn't expect the new president-elect to slow down any time soon.

He said that he offered congratulations and best wishes to the Trump family.

Trump values loyalty

Trump is expected to stand by his famous supporters. Variety Senior Editor Ted Johnson said to Fox News, "Everything I have heard and read is that Trump values loyalty. He should too, as a lot of these figures took a pretty big beating during the campaign by going to the mat for him. Remember, there were a lot of conservative Celebrities who just sat this one out and didn't want to get into the fray."

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