HBO has two of the best series on television, the science fiction series Westworld and the fantasy epic Game of Thrones. Vanity Fair recently noted that George R. R. Martin suggested that a crossover between the two might be possible. The idea is that the same folks who recreated the wild west in Westworld will have done the same for Westeros in Game of Thrones – the theme park.

The original movie also noted that a Medievalworld and a Romanworld existed alongside Westworld. The sequel, Futureworld, showed a fourth park where people went on interplanetary missions.

But, given the technology of Westworld, why not have parks that recreated works of literature instead of periods of history? LordoftheRingsworld or HarryPotterworld (which already exists to some extent.)

The thing could be done. The studio already has the sets, the locations, and the actors all ready to go. The actors who play Tyrion, Daenerys, and company, could play their robot counterparts in the crossover episode.

Unfortunately, the idea is not likely to become reality Westworld showrunners Jonathon Nolan and Lisa Joy had dinner with Martin recently when the writer proposed the idea.

Unfortunately, Nolan and Joy nixed the idea. As Joy stated, “I need to believe that dragons are real. I want them to be a real thing. So as much as I love George, I can’t lose that for myself!”

Then again, considering the brutality that is depicted in Game of Thrones, do we really want to set up a theme park well the wealthy can indulge themselves in that sort of thing? Not everyone will want to be a noble member of House Stark or one of the folks who is striving to put Daenerys on the throne.

Ramsey Bolton and Walder Fey demonstrate that human depravity exists on Westeros on an epic scale.

On the other hand, Middle Earth might be a great place to visit. Who would not want a pint at the sign of the Prancing Pony, stay with the elves at Rivendell, or ride with the cavalry of Rohan against the denizens of evil? Great fun, to be sure.

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