Co-founder Arnold wanted robots to find the center of the maze, and his aim was for them to perceive and to think for themselves. Dolores tells Dr. Ford that she and Arnold haven't talked since he died. But, she's lying to him, and we can see that Arnold's vision is more dark and complicated. He wanted the host to find the deepest level of the game. And while he may be dead, Arnold’s spirit seems to be in the hosts' programming, and his goal was for the robots to enjoy personal liberty. But this belief did not go along with Ford's plan and is sure to create tension in "Westworld."

Dr. Ford wants hosts to be accommodating to the guests

On the contrary, Dr.

Ford wants the hosts to be submissive to his authority. It is his opinion that hosts do not question the nature of their reality or the world they live in. "Westwolrd" spoilers tease that Ford tells Bernard that robots should not be conscious or they will become irrational. The doctor wants hosts to be like children who live in the moment and don't think about the future. Their existence should be looked after so they can be happy and pure.

Dr. Ford is one step ahead of everyone

Bernard and Theresa discover Ford’s secret workshop. On a table, they find blueprints of themselves as hosts. Soon after, the doctor confesses that Bernard was used for ambushing her; then Ford reminds Theresa that he warned her not to get in his way---she realizes that Bernard is not a human anymore.

"Westworld" spoilers indicate that Dr. Ford commands Bernard to kill Theresa Cullin.

The doctor will do anything to protect Westworld and all the data it holds. His plans for the park are different from anybody else. Ford believes it is his and he's looking out for his own interest -- the truth is, he knows the executive owners, "the gods," want to do away with him.

The burning question seems to be -- could Dr. Ford have killed Arnold for disagreeing with him, which would ensure the hosts have complete control over the park?

"Westworld" airs Sunday nights on HBO.

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