"Westworld" is halfway through the first season and many fans have come up with theories about the relevance of each character. Bernard is no exception and many have hypothesized about what his true identity might be.

Is Bernard human or android?

One of the biggest theories about Bernard(played by Jeffrey Wright) is that he might not even be human. Would it be so far-fetched for one of the people outside of the theme park to not be a person at all? While many argued that it wasn't possible for Bernard to be an android early on with the series, it's starting to look more possible as "Westworld" reveals more about what is really going on.

There have been several arguments that someone whom viewers believe to be human is going to turn out to be an android. It's bound to happen and we all know it's coming. Why does it have to be Bernard? It's hard to pinpoint why he got tagged with this theory. There are certainly several others that have been believed to possibly be robot rather than Bernard but he is the most prominent character to have gained the "possibly android" tag.

Could Bernard really be Arnold?

For those who may have missed it, or just aren't watching, Arnold is the co-founder of "Westworld" who died some 35 years before the present time. As the story of "Westworld" unfolds, it is really looking like viewers are watching two different time periods in the HBO show.

This has led many to believe that they may be watching Arnold's story unfold and not really know what they are seeing. Information revealed in previous episodes informs us that Arnold died an untimely death and nearly took the theme park with him. As a matter of fact, he had programmed Dolores to destroy the park should he die and apparently she almost made that happen.

There has been some speculation that Bernard might actually be Arnold and his interactions with Dolores when he is talking to her and realizing that she is becoming conscious is actually Arnold.

Is it possible that Bernard is just an android replacement of Arnold? Will we get to see the flashback scenes that will explain what happened to Arnold and how he died?

There are so many questions still unanswered with Season 1 of "Westworld" and easily many more theories trying to explain them all.

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