"Westworld" spoilers tease that the hostility between the hosts and park attendants appears to be growing. And, engineers of the park are spending more time looking for disorderly hosts all over the property. Rogue hosts have new information, and their anger seems to be brewing. They have become a liability to park employees and guests. They need to take new security measures to prevent the human visitors from suffering!

Dolores starts to resist 'Westworld' control

We can see the inner turmoil that Dolores is going through, and she's tired of being told what to do. She decides to take charge of her own destiny. At first, she could not shoot a gun and was unsure of herself.

After pulling the trigger, she slowly became more sure of herself---Dolores has killed more than ten hosts. "Westworld" spoilers suggest that Dolores can see the glitches in her own program and remembers things that have happened to her in past lives. Realizing she doesn’t have control of what happens, she is becoming a little more hostile and resentful about her part in the "Westworld" story. She asked Teddy if they can be together right now, however, he keeps promising her that one day they’ll be together and live happily ever after. He stated that he has a "reckoning to settle, first."

Maeve wakes up from sleep mode

At the same time, Maeve is searching for her own answers. She has a fearless drive to find the truth for her own good.

With a knife, she stabs herself in the guts. It was like Maeve knew all along she had to go to headquarters and confront the technicians to reprogram her. Without thinking twice about it, Maeve forced Felix out of the repair room to take her through the center, leading her own revolution. "Westworld" spoilers hint that Dr.

Ford knows she's not the only anomaly in the park.

The new first-generation family introduced at the end of Sunday night's "Westworld" are living on their own like renegades. Bernard is concerned with these hosts. This clan had a hostile reaction when he discovered their house. Dr. Ford had an issue with the youngest member of the family.

He has consciously killed the household dog, and the boy thinks it's the right thing to do. Dr. Ford has helped the family live off the grid, and they only respond to his voice commands--which makes them very dangerous for the rest of the inhabitants of the park!

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