Fans of HBO's breakout hit "Westworld" have been trying to figure out what was really going on with the futuristic wild west theme park since the season premiere. After episode 5, it became obvious that the story was being told in at least two different time periods. Although the details in the recently aired episode made it pretty obvious that's what was going on, a few fans on Reddit had figured out the biggest secret about "Westworld" a few weeks ago and now it looks like they were right.

'Westworld' spoilers ahead, please be aware if you are not caught up on the most recent episodes

There have been a lot of questions about the Man in Black and who he might be.

It looks like that mystery may have been solved and if so, it makes "Westworld" so much more interesting.Is it possible that the Man in Black (Ed Harris) is really William (Jimmi Simpson) years and years later? Is it possible that he became so obsessed with the park that he continues to search for deeper meaning, leading him to become the man that he is?

It was all but confirmed last Sunday that William's character has evolved beyond the do-gooder who entered the park with his boss and has become a much darker character when he let the androids beat his both (presumably to death) while he and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) escaped.

Many clues point to two different time periods in story telling

One of the first clues to be pointed out by a Redditor was the different "Westworld" logos seen in episode 2.

The logo we see when William and James first come to the theme park is much different than the one seen etched on the glass in what is considered to be the modern storyline that involves Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins.) Fans are estimating that there is about a 30 year difference between the two times, which is why they believe that the Man in Black is really William years later as he still spends time in the park.

A few other clues that have been noted since "Westworld" began include the similar knives that William and the Man in Black use as well as the way they react to Dolores when she drops a can in two very similar scenes. There is also the mention that Maeve (Thandie Newton) is not seen in William's story yet but has been seen in the Man in Black's timeline.

Instead, it was Clementine (Angela Sarafyan) who ran the saloon when William was visiting.

There is also aconversation in episode 5 about the financial problems that the park is going through. Logan discusses the death of the theme park's co-creator Arnold and the money problems that it brought about. Later in the episode, the Man in Black also talks about the issues the park was having but then makes it sound like he may have been the reason it was all fixed. Is it possible that William became aware of the "Westworld" financial crisis and solved it himself, which is why he is allowed to roam freely in the park as he attempts to solve the maze and figure out what the deeper meaning of "Westworld" might be?

Most recently, the HBO President Casey Bloys even commented on the many "Westworld" theories that have come about and how close many viewers were to solving the puzzle. Does that mean that it's been solved after episode 5 or is there more to the story that fans haven't figured out yet?

Be sure to tune in for episode 6 of "Westworld" on Sunday at 9/8 c.

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