"Westworld" is a park set in some remote future. It's a place where rich folks can do anything they want---they can shoot guns, gamble, and play with robots. On the other hand, the Man in Black and some of the more conscious hosts believe, by finding the center of the maze, they can set themselves free. At times, the "maze" is some kind of suicide goal where machines break, and people get hurt. Sometimes, it appears that players are just trying to find a confusing place in the old west, or they're simply looking for self-awareness. Maybe they are all just following somebody's fool notion!

We have seen the "maze" etched into the dirt

The Man in Black scalped the card dealer from the Mariposa Saloon to find the connection between Kissy and the deepest level of the game. At Las Mudas, Lawrence's little girl told him to "follow the blood Arroyo to the place where the snake lays its eggs." Hoping to untangle the mystery, MIB finds Armistice's snake tattoo very promising. At Las Mudas, the young girl also showed Dolores drawings of the maze and told her that's where she came from. At Pariah, the fortune-teller held out a stack of tarot cards and Dolores picked one with the maze printed on it. Right then, the woman turned into Dolores and told "herself" to follow the maze.

The "maze" has everyone chasing their tail

The old sketchbook that Ford flips through with the symbol of the "maze" inside, it could be his or it might belong to the co-creator.

Some clues point to the identity of Arnold -- he could be the Man in Black, Bernard, Dolores, or the Doctor himself. Some of the fans think Arnold is meddling in the park and taking them deep into the more remote areas. At times it seems Dolores and Teddy are misleading MIB away from his goal and he admitted that he had scuffles with different hosts for the past 30 years at "Westworld."

The co-creators of "Westworld" made all the rules of the park, and they keep staying one step ahead of everyone.

The question is, will the players find a crack in the game and find their way in or out of the "maze"?

"Westworld" airs Sunday nights on HBO.

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