"Westworld" actress Thandie Newton recently opened up about her role on the HBO series among other subjects in an interview with CBS This Morning. Newton admitted during the interview that she doesn't feel like the concept of a theme park like the one in "Westworld" is really that far-fetched of an idea and the technology for such a park isn't that far off either.

Maeve questions her reality on 'Westworld'

In "Westworld," Thandie Newton plays the character of Maeve, an android who runs a brothel in the theme park of the same name.

As Season 1 of the HBO series plays out, Maeve has become self-aware and starts to figure out that she isn't human as she once thought she was.

During the interview with co-host Gayle King, Thandie breaks down her character and explains what makes Maeve so special. She explains that while some might see Maeve as being flawed, she doesn't think so. Instead, Thandie talks about how "incredibly focused" Maeve is in "Westworld." It is because she is programmed to perform certain functions that Newton says her character is able to figure out what is going on around her and keep herself completely calm while doing it.

She explains that it is due to her uncluttered mind, something Thandie says she loves about robots.

Thandie Newton talks about the connection between 'Westworld' and reality

Maeve has believed for a while that she was having dreams, some of them good and some bad but all of them relatively unexplainable to her and her current programming as the brothel owner. It turns out that those dreams are actually previous builds that Maeve played out in "Westworld" including a specifically upsetting memory of herself and a child that was once programmed to be her own.

Thandie Newton likens Maeve's awakening to that of the real human experience and the levels to which we are programmed and become aware of that programming in adulthood. As the rest of Season 1 plays out, fans can expect Maeve's character to continue her mission of self-discovery. Currently, she and another character Dolores have been asking a lot of questions about their reality and just how real it might be.

This could prove very dangerous to the humans both working on and indulging in "Westworld."

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