"Westworld" is one of the most discussed TV Series of this Fall season 2016. The TV Show has been anticipated with an incredible hype, but "Westworld"'s first episodes have also managed to keep on surprising and entertaining the viewers. There is a huge fandom on the internet that are theorizing and talking about this unique and complex Nolan universe. We are heading towards the season finale, and with only four episodes left, the anticipation is growing and growing. Let's recap what happened in the sixth episode, and have a look at the spoilers and preview of "Trompe L'Oeil."

'The Adversary' recap

While they keep on travelling in order to find Wyatt, Teddy and the Man in Black are stopped at a Union Army outpost by a group of soldiers who recognize Teddy as one of the people who participated in Wyatt's massacre of his unit.

He manages to get away by killing all of them. After Dr. Ford rejected his narrative, Lee is so disappointed that he gets drunk and creates so many problems in park operations by urinating in the control room. He is stopped by Theresa and Charlotte Hale. The latter is a Board representative who will have a mission: she has to monitor the park operations. After his breakup with Theresa, Bernard discovers that Ford has been hiding and keeping a family of hosts. Elsie still wants to find out the truth and tries to talk with Bernard about the mysterious and odd activities that Theresa has been doing, but in the end she gets herself abducted. After seducing Sylvester and Felix, Maeve manages to convince the two to increase her intelligence rating to its maximum range.

'Westworld' 1x07: 'Trompe L'Oeil' trailer

In "Trompe L'Oeil": Maeve will give an ultimatum to Lutz and Sylvester. While Bernard will try to find a way to get out of his troubled situation, Charlotte wants to reveal the relevant and dangerous mistakes in Dr. Ford's creations. Lawrence, William and Dolores find themselves in tricky and difficult conditions.

Tonight HBO will air the TV Series' seventh episode. Take a look at the stunning "Westworld" 1x07 preview:

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