"Walking Dead" fans are wondering lately which characters will become involved romantically in the next couplings on the popular AMC series, and, the following spoilers may surprise many of you. Keep on reading if you are interested in what could play out as a huge potential spoiler!

'TWD' ships, who loves who?

Fans have grown quite comfortable with Rick and Michonne's blossoming relationship, they are even pulling for Carl and Enid to face their first puppy love feelings that are growing. However, there is talk, and comic book fans are most likely already aware of what could come next for two of our "Walking Dead" characters.

Is there a chance for happiness in the 'Walking Dead' world?

Everyone knows poor Maggie and Sasha are hurting real bad after the brutal deaths of Glenn and Abe, so it is safe to assume that neither of the two women are interested, or will be interested in a new relationship anytime soon. So, who does that leave? Strangely enough, all signs point to Rosita, despite her broken heart over her breakup with Abe, and his death, life moves on, and it appears life for Rosita will move on with Eugene!

"The Walking Dead" comic books reveal that Rosita and Eugene become very close in the future.

Big spoilers...they even fall in love and eventually marry, living together happily until death do they part. Whose death will it be? Reports claim that it will be Rosita, who will meet her demise thanks to the Whispers.

Now we know that the Whispers will be making their appearance late in Season 7, or early on in Season 8, so this could mean Rosita's days are already numbered. This romantic spoiler has not been 100% confirmed for the series, however, this is how things go down for Rosita and Eugene in the comics, so odds are 50-50 at this point.

So, what are your thoughts on this potential romantic spoiler? Remember in the apocalypse, one does not really have the ability to be too choosy, not if you want to fall in love, or be forced to spend your life alone while continuing this scary journey. After all, tomorrow is never promised in the "Walking Dead" world.

What characters would you love to see couple up in the future? The "Walking Dead" airs Sunday nights on AMC at 9 p.m.

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