"The Walking Dead" fans are gearing up for Sunday night's extended episode 4. The show will run 90 minutes long instead of the usual 60. During this time we will finally get a look into the aftermath of that brutal and heartbreaking first episode 1 that left us painfully mourning the deaths of Abe and Glenn.

'Walking Dead' fans ready for more exciting episodes!

Spoiler reports for the remaining episodes of season 7's first half reveal that the drama and excitement are going to begin taking off once again following the informative, but slower paced past two shows.

As you remember, episode 2 focused on Morgan and Carol, introducing Ezekiel and his pet tiger, and gave us a look into the Kingdom.

Daryl's torture was the subject of last week's show and left us feeling so bad for him. Daryl is not letting Negan's torture break him, but it was made very clear that he is blaming himself for Glenn's death and will continue down a very dark path for a long, long time.

Continue on for big spoilers for the remainder of #Walking Dead Season 7.

Negan arrives in Alexandria, things will never be the same!

Tomorrow night we will be back in Alexandria to find Rick explaining to all that he is no longer in charge of anything and that they will all be obeying Negan and the Saviors' orders from now on. Negan also comes knocking at Alexandria to begin collecting his demands for half of everything they have and he brings Daryl along to further reveal his power and control.

He will also make sure he continues to keep Rick down and even forces Rick to take Lucille and carry the deadly barbed wire-covered bat that brutally beat to death his family members Abe and Glenn through Alexandria as a warning to all. Rick will make an attempt to speak to Daryl, but they will not get to chat too long before Negan shuts that down and orders Daryl to help load the stolen goods onto their trucks.

Episode 5 brings us to Maggie and Sasha as they arrive at the Hilltop to see the doctor. This is where Maggie decides that she cannot bear to be in Alexandria without Glenn and decides that the Hilltop will be her new home, and eventually takes on the role as their new leader.

Episode 6 gears up for the two final shows before the mid-season break. This will take us to Heath and Tara and the Oceanside survivors. The two discover the new people, who are convinced by Heath and Tara to join up with Alexandria. This is where they begin building up numbers and strength for what is to come next. It is also where we will see the next death of one of our own, revealing that we lose Heath or Tara.

Spoilers point strongly to Heath.

Episode 7, the mid-season finale gets major! Rick continues to appear to breakdown thanks to Negan's mind games but, makes a big decision, coming back around to the Rick Grimes we all know and love! Rick will decide that Negan has to go and plots to kill him. This is where spoilers state that Rick will set Alexandria on fire, it is not known yet just how much damage will be suffered, or if the community will be a total loss.

It also reveals that Rick will fail in his mission to kill Negan, but does manage to kill off a few more of Negan's men. This will not be good as we have learned the hard way in the past.

Rick will also face a traitor within the gates. Spencer decides that he wants Rick's leadership position and goes to Negan asking for aid in getting rid of Rick Grimes.

Negan, however, takes an immediate disliking to Spencer and ends up killing him during the mid-season finale.There will be a lot more involved, but, as per usual as the holidays approach, "The Walking Dead" will take their break, leaving us all awaiting February for the second half return. This is the beginning of an all-out war soon approaching, bringing us all more drama, fear, and death to come!

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