Jeffrey Dean Morgan, 50, who plays the character fans love to hate, Negan, on "The Walking Dead," has been rumored to reprise his role as Thomas Wayne. If you watched "Batman vs. Superman" then you were lucky enough to already catch Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the Thomas Wayne role.

In Hollywood there is the belief that some actors were just meant to play a certain type of character. For example, there are those who play the noble heart good guy, while others were meant to play the evil bad guy. Not Morgan. Not Jeffrey. For the better part of 25 years, Morgan has been gracing the big screen and televisions all around the world.

Morgan's quick history

It wasn't until the Hillary Swank and Gerard Butler movie, "P.S. I Love You" that Morgan became more of a household name with his role as William. William plays the best friend of Butler's character, Gerry. The duo had grown up together in Ireland and when Gerry passes away, his wife Holly, played by Swank, heads to Gerry's hometown to visit his parents and feel connected to her loss. While there, she runs into William and when she realizes it's her late husband's best friend, it's a little too late.

In 2008, Jeffrey Dean Morgan landed the role of John Winchester from the widely popular television hit, "Supernatural." When Morgan wasn't appearing on "Supernatural" he was tending to his recurring role on "Grey's Anatomy," which he started in 2006.

Morgan's future looks bright

"Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice" has Morgan playing Thomas Wayne, father to Bruce Wayne, husband to Martha Wayne. The role has not become official but fans of "The Walking Dead" are calling out to producers after watching Episode 1 of Season 7. Fans believe if he can play dark and twisted Negan, he should reprise his role as Wayne to play the "Flashpoint" Dark Knight.

The story of "Flashpoint" comes from the Geoff John's graphic novel. It is the story of Batman re-imagined. "In a parallel universe, a mugger kills Bruce and leaves Thomas and Martha Wayne grieving for their son and swearing bloody vengeance," according to Movie Pilot.

When Morgan was asked if he would play the dark version of Batman he said, "I would love to be the dark Batman.

That's the darkest Batman there is. God knows I embrace the darkness."

While Morgan doesn't seem to be slipping into the Bat Suit anytime soon, "Batman" fans can catch Ben Affleck's version speculated to be released in 2018.

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