The Voice” voting closed at noon EST and based on last night’s performances, coach feedback, plus iTunes rankings, two candidates seem likely to go home in tonight’s double elimination on the NBC November 29th show. Find out who broke iTunes and who’s likely going home with these “The Voice” spoilers.

Who’s #1 on iTunes?

It’s not bad when half of “The Voice” Top 10 smash through the charts and dominate iTunes. At the top is Sundance Head with “Me and Jesus” and his hepped up version of this old country song. He’s at #1 on the iTunes top 100 song chart.

Team Adam takes #2 and #3 on iTunes

Only Josh Gallagher didn’t break the top 10 on iTunes from Team Adam.

Adam’s other two artists Billy Gilman and Brendan Fletcher were right behind Sundance. Brendan beat out Billy to chart at #2 for "True Colors" and Billy landed at #3 on the iTunes top 100 with “Anyway.”

Team Alicia takes spots #4 and #5

Alicia should be proud of her artists and her team seems a lock to stay safe tonight. Christian Cuevas charted at #4 for his Lady Gaga cover of “Million Reasons” and power vocalist We’ McDonald charted at #5 with “God Bless the Child.”

All five of these artists now have an iTunes multiplier to help them in "The Voice" finals and Sundance Head has two multipliers!

Who’s at the bottom of the heap?

Aaron Gibson will likely be singing for his life again tonight for an Instant Save.

His “Rocket Man” rendition was funky but didn’t offer big moments and even the coaches didn’t seem hopeful for him staying when they gave their feedback.

Courtney Harrell went big with Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time” but it’s not doing well on iTunes and that’s a sure sign of trouble. She might also be singing for her life.

Josh Gallagher and Austin Allsup charted lower but at least broke into the Top 100 at #58 and #70 respectively.

Miley Cyrus will lose Aaron based on the information at this time and Blake Shelton will lose either Courtney or Austin. Team Alicia and Team Adam should stay intact.

'The Voice' double elimination tonight

The bottom three will sing for “The Voice” Instant Save tonight and we can expect to see Aaron, Courtney and likely Austin side by side singing to stay on the show. Only one will be safe in the end and two will go home, whittling the Top 10 to Top 8 by the time the night is over.

“The Voice” tonight is on at 8 pm Eastern.

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