Trunks' last transformation will be the subject of this article, and the subject for the overall scope of our analysis, as it can be linked to something similar -- Gohan's mystical condition.

The super false saiyan

One of the first hypotheses consists of the fact that this transformation might be the Super False Saiyan, in spite of both transformations, what can be seen in the corresponding video below is the fact that, during the course of this transformation, the character in question does not have completely white eyes, since the character is in the Super False Saiyan phase -- this detail might reject completely the mentioned transformation.


Goku and Pikkon vs Cell, Frieza, King Cold, and the Ginyu Force in Hell

Since you can see in the video, Son Goku with his ki raised considerably, he is able to defeat the special forces of Ginyu. It is in this moment that the above mentioned transformation is induced, what would otherwise be the Super Saiyan, nevertheless, into this occasion, the hair color remains unchanged, which, in and of itself, is already a red flag, and perhaps an indicator that something is not quite right with this transformation.

Another hypothesis revolves around the possibility that Son Goku reached the mystical condition, nevertheless, all we know that this one itself does not dominate this condition, and the color of the aura is different, and so, one cannot help but speculate upon the fact that what is depicted here is a false transformation.

A mistake?

After analyzing both possible transformations that Son Goku might have obtained in another world, we come to the conclusion that neither of these two hypotheses of the possible transformation correlates with the original argument.

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Due to this, we are led to the conclusion that this may very well have been a mistake in the drawning of Toei Animation, provided that this chapter is of fillers and it does not correspond with Akira Toriyama's official script.

Since we mention previously there are several scenes across the whole series that have left us with doubt, nevertheless, also there exist several false videos created by some YouTube channels to get views. Nevertheless, the analyzed one in this note is a question of a royal image, provided that we check meticulously different versions of the same video, in which the same mistake repeats itself.