If you haven't seen David Blaine's Magic before, then you're missing out. The amazing magician has been hailed as one of the best to ever practice the craft and continues to unveil new tricks with alarming consistency. And some of those new tricks were unleashed on Jimmy Fallon's show earlier in the week. If you haven't seen them yet, you can check out the video further down in the article.

Fallon Gets Fooled.

Jimmy Fallon has seen David Blaine a few times before and still can't seem to piece together what exactly the magician does to confuse him.

Don't believe me? Just check out how many times Fallon got tricked by the star magician on his own show!

It all started with a simple enough card trick. Fallon selected five cards randomly from a deck. Blaine then asked him a series of questions about the cards and asked him to focus on one of them. After Fallon did everything requested of him, Blaine started picking out the cards that he was not thinking of. Amazingly the predictions of the magician were exactly correct. He then finally picked out the card that Fallon had been thinking of the whole time without ever taking a peek at the cards.

How ridiculous is that?

The Magic Continues.

Two other card tricks followed Blaine's first impressive trick. He somehow managed to send cards from his own deck into the pocket of one band member on the show. This portion of the trick both wowed and confused an audience that had absolutely no idea what was going on at this point in the act. Blaine also performed a simple trick with Jimmy Fallon in which he predicted the exact card that would be said prior to placing a deck into a sealed lock.

But that wasn't even the most impressive portion of the trick!

A Freaky Illusion.

If you didn't watch until the end of the video, you might want to go back and check again. David Blaine wrapped his act up by drinking some water and spitting out an amphibian. He then swallowed the animal at the conclusion of the act, simultaneously disgusting and wowing the crowd.

Blaine proved on Fallon's show that he is a great magician capable of insane illusions like these that will have all of humanity confused until someone finally explains how it's done.

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