Vegetto's power

Vegetto's power has been speculated lately, and also the power of the god of destruction of the 7 universes (Bills), but it is a fact that both fighters are very strong and their powers surpass what many imagine.

Vegetto is a warrior product of the fusion between Goku and Vegeta through the Potara earrings, this fusion is extremely powerful because if the two beings that are fused are rivals, there is a power bonus for rivalry, which makes Vegetto a very powerful being. Also, very few in the saga and very few in the series as a whole can become a Super Saiyajin Blue God, a point in favor of this warrior, he was never seen using his maximum power even against Majin Buu (Gohan absorbed) and it was speculated that he did not get to use even 50% of his maximum power, in addition both Goku and Vegeta have managed to increase their powers thanks to the battles against Black and Zamasu, in which Vegetto also would have more power.

On the other hand we have the glutton god of the destruction of the universe 7, the great Bills, this god, just like Vegetto, has never got to use all of his power, and it is even impossible for Goku to overcome even with the Kaio-ken technique. That is why both Goku and Vegeta continue training without stopping to someday come to overcome the powers of this god of destruction.

Now in a possible battle between these two beings, it would be very even because Bills would use all his power to end the legendary warrior Vegetto, but this would become a Super Saiyajin Blue God, both would have the same power, the battle would last long, and this would cause Wiss to intervene in this battle as both would end up destroying everything in their path, this battle would be a draw for both warriors.

It should be noted that this is my view of how a possible battle between Bills and Vegetto could develop.

To finish this note I leave you a video in which the level of power of Vegetto and Bills is explained in more detail, do not forget to leave your opinion about the note here in the comments below.

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