Is Lala Kent amused by the ongoing rumors regarding her potentially married boyfriend on "Vanderpump Rules"? While the reality star and SUR Restaurant hostess didn't come right out and say any such thing, she did share a recent re-tweet with fans which poked fun at her man-stealing persona.

Following weeks of rumors regarding her unnamed boyfriend, Kent re-tweeted a message about an upcoming event from a fan who joked about the possibility of Kent being a threat to relationships. "If you have a boyfriend or husband, better keep them away from Hyde & Vine on Wednesday... [Lala Kent] is coming," the fan wrote.

Lala Kent has yet to reveal the name of her season five boyfriend

Throughout the first couple of episodes, Kent's love interest has been mentioned but not named. As fans saw during the season five trailer, it has been rumored that the man in question is married with a family, but according to Kent, the swirling reports are completely false. Even after Jax Taylor appeared on last week's episode of "Watch What Happens Live" and proclaimed that Kent's boyfriend was, in fact, married, the reality star took to Twitter to deny Taylor's allegations.

Lala Kent has yet to date on 'Vanderpump Rules'

During the Bravo reality series' fourth season, Kent seemed to have at least a slight interest in Taylor but after learning he was dating someone while trying to get close to her, the duo parted ways.

Then, for a while, Kent appeared to enjoy a flirtation with James Kennedy. However, when Kent was later asked about the relationship, she assured fans she and Kennedy never went all the way.

Earlier this month, Kent mentioned her boyfriend on Instagram and thanked the unidentified man for supporting her through her journey into an alcohol-free lifestyle.

That said, it is unclear if Kent's current boyfriend is the same man she dated during filming of season five.

To see more of Lala Kent and her co-stars, including Jax Taylor and James Kennedy, tune in to "Vanderpump Rules" season five airing every Monday night at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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