"Dragon Ball Super has just revealed one of the characters who will appear in the next saga. This character is named Towa, a goddess who has previously made an appearance in the comic books.


Towa is among the most evil gods and is considered the master and scientific mind of the planet of the demons. Towa is of the same race as Dabura, and is even the sister of Dabura.

She is a very powerful being with powerful abilities, including mental control, and techniques of high range such as heal, rebuild and dark magic.


To fight with Towa, an opponent has to be as agile and intelligent as possible. Towa is a strategic fighter when it comes to fighting and she has incredible and ingenious plans to deal with opponents. Towa took on her Dark form as a result of all hatred after being defeated in the previous saga. In the Dark state the magic of Towa is strong enough to face up to Goku Saiyan Blue. When she takes on this form Towa becomes a very important goddess with an important role in the saga.

In "Dragon Ball Heroes" she survives many battles, including a powerful explosion caused by the Legendary Super Saiyajin Broly.

Her Power

The goddess has enough power to maintain a battle against Goku and Prince Vegeta.

In fact, this was be done by keeping her in the base state after the Cell Games called Goku Xeno. The power of the goddess is difficult to measure given that her custom is to let others, like Mira, Time Breakers or soldiers, who are manipulated by herself, fight for her.

The goddess uses dark magic to manipulate and help her allies or subordinates. The dark magic she uses can be used to treat enemies as puppets. Like her brother Dabura, Towa is competent at casting spells.

The dark magic of the goddess is quite powerful, although it can not yet be compared to that of the demon god Demigra.

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His powers have enough scope to manipulate Cell in his Perfect God phase, Broly in his Legendary form, Trunks of the future and other characters.

Additional information: This information is not 100% confirmed, but is based in comic books of the series.