Thanksgiving has been quite a day so far. The Lions pulled out a huge win over the Vikings after Sam Bradford essentially handed Detroit the win. Aretha Franklin sang what could have been the longest Thanksgiving national anthem of all time. And Andy Grammer delivered a forgettable halftime performance that had everyone on Twitter making fun of him. And now Eric Church has continued the awful halftime performances with one of his own.

Twitter Destroys Eric Church on Thanksgiving.

The internet trolls aren't going away for Thanksgiving and neither is America.

Americans took to Twitter after the game to complain about what was an absolutely awful live performance. And it's hard to disagree with what they had to say. One of the most popular Tweets described exactly how Church had managed to alienate his entire audience.

I would say that description fits the exact method in which Church sang during the game.

And what else did Twitter have to say after the conclusion of Church's performance? Certainly nothing positive.

Even Klay Thompson doesn't like it? That's when you know you've got a really poor product on your hands. Eric Church was doing his best to impress and even had some Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders surrounding him to support his singing.

But some people thought they could have sung better than Church out there.

A Belief In Themselves.

Twitter users had a ton of confidence in their abilities after the struggles of Eric Church on the stage. Some even suggested that a karoake setting would have been better for the star singer.

But Twitter certainly wasn't planning on stopping there.

Users continued to pile on and criticize Church for a performance that they believed could have been replicated in their own basements. Some people probably would have preferred to avoid listening a man that was described by one Twitter user as a "dying Cowboy."

Eric Church can't be too happy about all the hate he's receiving on Twitter for his halftime show. Maybe he should go ahead and block some of the users who are posting negative content.

Oh wait...

Wow. Is this really what America has come to? Disastrous halftime performances from Andy Grammer and Eric Church? Americans can only hope to find solace in the hilarity of their own Tweets.

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