Aretha Franklin opened Thanskgiving afternoon with a national anthem performance that seemed to take forever. But people on Twitter were willing to give the 74 year old legend a pass for her ridiculously insane performance. Andy Grammer was the halftime entertainment for the Lions Vikings game and people on Twitter were not willing to give him the same pass. Grammer gave a very shaky musical performance that resulted in plenty of criticism on the social media network.

Twitter Rips Grammer's Ridiculous Introduction.

For some reason, Andy decided that it would be a good idea to begin singing from the ground of a field that NFL players had just been playing on. Don't believe that? Here's a picture.

Did Grammer really think that was a good idea? What makes singing on the ground of a football field better than simply singing while standing? And think about what you're standing in!

The questionable introduction had some questioning Grammer's future employment prospects as a singer.

And it's hard not to agree with that sentiment.

If Grammer continues to give performances similar to the one on Thanksgiving, he will soon be out of a job. Just look at how Twitter reacted after the performance was over!

Twitter Hate.

Singers are no strangers to haters, but it's even worse when the haters are willing to come out on Thanksgiving. It's supposed to be a time of giving and all these trolls are giving is hate. Still, it's hard not to laugh at some of what these Twitter users are saying.

The NFL has had a ratings decline, but it's hard to believe that one singer could ever be the cause. Some of those causes can be associated with incompetent part time referees who refuse to make correct calls or admit that they are wrong. And the criticism of the NFL's choice for Thanksgiving halftime singer didn't end there.

Aretha Franklin might have delivered a lengthy national anthem, but she remains an American legend.

Grammer is just the latest pop singer in a long line of them. Some people on Twitter didn't even know who Andy Grammer was.

And one Twitter user summed up all the dislike for the singer with one simple Tweet.

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