A very unfortunate news has now surfaced from Karnataka, as two Sandalwood actors have drowned to death after they jumped from a helicopter into the dam during a film shoot. The incident happened in Tippagondanahalli Lake, 35 kilometres away from Bangalore at around 3:00 p.m. Monday.

Police explanation

As per the officials of the Tavarekere police station, three actors, duniya vijay, Uday and Anil jumped from the helicopter into the dam. In a video which has now surfaced online, we can see Uday and Anil jumping from the chopper initially.

And they were soon followed by Duniya Vijay. After the jump, Vijay swam to safety, but Uday and Anil never came up.

The actors were shooting for the movie "Masti Gudi". Close sources claim that necessary precautionary measures were not taken by the crew members to ensure the safety of the actors who take part in such daring stunt sequences.

It should also be noted that no ambulances or speed boats were there in the shooting sets to fulfil the needs in case of any mishaps.

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The mishap has pulled the whole Kannada film industry to a state of shock, and now condolences have started pouring from various corners.

No proper security in place.

With no real security in place at the lake, the police are likely to charge the filmmakers for negligence and lack of arrangements at the spot. The incident could have been averted had the makers installed the nets under the water in a proper way. Also, there were no rescue boats available at the time of the accident which could have saved lives.

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The search for the deceased bodies are still going on, and more details regarding the incident are expected to be unveiled in the coming days.

Exclusive videos of the actors moments before the accident have gone viral now, and it will surely pull us to a state to tears. This unexpected accident clearly indicates the vitality of embracing proper security measures while conducting film shooting.

At this saddest moment, celebrities are tweeting their condolences and reaching out to the deceased's family members.

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