With Donald Trump moving into the White House in a few months, the moving vans in the Los Angeles area should be booked solid for trips up north to Canada. Dozens of the Hollywood stars got on the Hillary bandwagon and threatened to move if Trump did win the presidential election.

Now that he is the president-elect, these same Celebrities have suddenly grown mum about their prospective new homes in Canada. Trump supporters across the social media sites haven't forgotten those celebrity threats and they are now poking these stars with a stick!

For-sale signs hit the lawns of celebs homes?

Just think of the prime real estate that will go up on the market if these people hold true to their word! But the sounds of silence coupled with the lack of for-sale signs going up on their homes pretty much indicates that these celebrities made idol threats. It seems they are guilty of the same things they worried about Trump doing and that was saying he will do things and not following through!

Empty threats!

According to the Daily Mail, Miley Cyrus, Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham were just three of the stars who pledged they are moving and they are being trolled online today by folks who support Trump.

Jokes are popping up online over these empty promises made by dozens of celebs.

Canada will build a wall to keep Hollywood out?

With the amount of stars who promised to move to Canada one social media user joked that Canada is building their own wall to keep the Hollywood elite out! Another cited Canada as the biggest loser in this election because they are getting Lena Dunham! Many actually "demanded" to know when they planned on packing up and leaving.

Hillary set the pace

Much like Hillary, who showed poor sportsmanship by not showing up at her own campaign party after the election, her Hollywood supporters aren't being very civil. Demi Lovato went overboard with her lewd comment, "Sometimes you just have to agree to disagree and grab some p-ssy." That was a reference to Trump's vile comments in a tape with the Access Hollywood reporter. She did apologise after major backlash.

All the drama!

Lady Gaga staged a protest outside Trump Towers with all the drama you could image. At one point she was clinging to a Garbage truck holding up a sign "Love Trumps Hate." On her way home she was seen with her hands clasped together in a prayer-like pose. She later tweeted "Say a prayer America!" Oh... all the drama.

According to the Townhall website, there were at least 23 celebrities who vowed to move if Trump was elected and they included Chelsea Handler, Jon Stewart, Al Sharpton, Spike Lee, Barbara Streisand, Whoopi Goldberg and George Lopez plus many more. Cher promised to move to Jupiter if Trump won, so that was an empty threat from the beginning!

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