It sounds as if Donald Trump emerges as a star in Megyn Kelly's new book, but in no way is he a shining star. Trump is painted as a dark entity in a recent review of her book. The book just happened to have a release date of about a week after the elections took place. The fact she waited to divulge this information via her penned pages until after the elections has raised some eyebrows today.

On Thursday an early review of Kelly's book by the New York Times has heads spinning. Donald Trump, who was indignant over the allegations that Hillary received the questions before the debates, might have had some insight on debate questions himself.

This is what Kelly alludes to in her book.

Dark dealings

The book, "Settle for More" goes into great detail about Kelly's interactions with Trump and it details "how dark her dealings were" with not only Ailes, but also Trump. The day before the primary debate was to take place, Trump called Fox News executives in an agitated state because he heard how "pointed" Kelly's questions were, the ones she planned to ask Trump at the Fox-hosted debate.

Debate questions given to Trump?

Kelly is letting her readers decide how Trump found out about these questions before the debate, but the writing is on the wall. Her questions were very pointed that were aimed at him. Next she taps into a very serious matter that could lead to serious allegations.

Poison in Kelly's coffee?

She also writes in her book that Trump was not happy with what she was about to ask him at the debate. She tells the story of how on the way to the debate the driver of her car insisted they stop and get her coffee. After his several relentless attempts to get her to stop for coffee she finally agreed.

Shortly after sipping that brew she got violently ill. While she never came out and said that anyone, in particular, tried to poison her, she did say the incident gave her "pause" for concern.

Alludes to, but doesn't name culprit

Kelly doesn't have to say a thing, as she writes in her book how peeved Trump was before the debate finding out about her direct questions and then on the trip there she gets violently ill drinking coffee that the driver insisted she get?

It sounds like a conspiracy theory coming together.

Kelly blew it!

Vanity Fair claims that by Kelly holding on to all the information, she has in her book until after the election that she "blew the good will that she's built." Her writings on Trump when it comes to the interactions she's had with the now President-elect are more than ample for concern. This might have been something the American people would have liked to know before the elections, suggests Vanity Fair.

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