Timeless” has offered up a fun (and mostly historically accurate) tale of a team traveling in time in order to stop history from being ruined. Behind the time travel adventure though are a few mysteries to keep the audience guessing; one of those is just who Lucy’s (Abigail Spencer) father really is and why he’s a secret. There’s a group of fans who have wondered if Lucy might actually be the daughter of Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic), the main she’s been chasing through time.

Lucy’s world turned upside down

The audience was initially led to believe that Lucy’s father, who died before the events of the show, was a big influence in her becoming a historian and a professor in the pilot.

Following the events of the pilot though, as Lucy and her team accidentally changed history while going up against Flynn the first time, she discovered that her father wasn’t her father after all.

Instead, her little sister, who was the daughter of the man she believed to be her father, no longer existed, and her mother never talked about the man in question at all. Despite the time traveling adventures taking up Lucy’s time, the question of who her father is (or was) has lingered throughout the first episodes.

Flynn and Lucy

Flynn always seems to interact with Lucy in the past, and he even has a journal she has yet to write in his possession. Their interactions are always heated, even a little hostile, but he never knowingly puts her in harm’s way.

In fact, though his team has aimed weapons at the time travelers, he’s never outright harmed her. In the times he’s been alone with her and could have simply eliminated her as a threat, he’s never taken steps to do it. But why?

He’s also repeatedly tried to convince her that he’s not the bad guy and given her clues to look into the mysterious group running things -- Rittenhouse.

Flynn seems very intent on swaying Lucy to his side of thinking instead of going up against her on a weekly basis, which seems a little odd if he’s supposed to be the bad guy.

The slip of paper

The most recent episode of the series saw Lucy and her mother have a heart to heart about her father. Lucy just has to know who he is, despite her mother not wanting to talk about him.

Her mother reveals that he was a professor in the ‘70s when she was a student and that he wasn’t someone she would have married and settled down with.

She doesn’t just give Lucy this bit of backstory though, she also, for some reason, puts his name on a piece of paper and gives it to Lucy, leaving us with the cliffhanger of whether or not she’ll look at it and find out just who he is. Lucy could easily decide, now that her mother has taken these steps forward, to wait to find out, or she could look at the paper without revealing the name to the audience, or the name itself might mean nothing after all.

‘Timeless’ could throw a time traveling curve ball

Timeless” is a show involving time travel, after all. Let’s ignore the fact that Flynn doesn’t look much older than Lucy, and remember that he has a time machine at his disposal.

He could easily have fallen for her mother at a different point in time and know that he’s got a familial connection to Lucy.

Of course, there are also a few other curve balls that could mean he’s not her father. Maybe he’s her son, which could also explain him having her journal. Maybe he’s a half brother she never knew about. Maybe he even knows her from another timeline because events in the past were already changed once and he’s out to correct them. With "Timeless," the possibilities are nearly endless.

‘The Watergate Tape’

The next new episode of “Timeless” heads to 1972 and explores the missing minutes of the Watergate tape, but that’s not all. The episode is also expected to reveal a few secrets, so perhaps, we’ll make a little more headway into the mystery surrounding Lucy’s family.

Timeless” airs Mondays at 10PM on NBC.

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