While the “Timeless” trio pursue Flynn in 1754, they find themselves trapped without adequate technology to return to their own time when their ship is damaged. Technology is the least of their worries though, as the three don’t trust one another anymore.

Three days in 1754

Typically, episodes of “Timeless” begin with a look at the historical event the team will be traveling to or even a briefing before they travel. “Stranded” takes a different route though, landing the audience right in the middle of the action as the team is dealing with French soldiers after three days of searching for Flynn.

That just might be the longest we’ve seen them stay anywhere so far, and that’s before they wind up stranded.

Explosives on their time machine, placed by Flynn’s team, leave damage that’s nearly impossible to fix in 1754. Being stranded and not having leads on Flynn aren’t really the team’s biggest problem though.

Trust is in short supply

After revealing so many truths in episode six, Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus are still reeling from all the information they’ve been keeping from one another. They don’t know exactly how to trust one another and they don’t know how to work together after all the lies were revealed by the one person they’re supposed to be working together to stop.

One of the best scenes in the episode is a result of the trio finally bonding because they’re afraid they’re going to die in 1754.

They discuss their regrets and what it means to not have enough time. For Rufus, it’s not just that he might never have another chocodile (chocolate covered twinkie), but that he never told Gia how much he likes her. For Lucy, it’s that she might never have kids. For Wyatt, it’s everything he’s missed with the wife he hasn’t been able to save.

This confessional prompts Rufus to stand up to the chief of the Shawnee when she’s ready to have Wyatt and Lucy killed, but allow him to live. It’s great to see the team finally coming together, and hopefully the hurdle of mistrust won’t be quite so high in the coming episodes.

Communicating with the present

Apparently, there’s a protocol in place if a time machine gets stuck in the past, though we’ve not heard about it before now. A plastic tube (think the kind bank tellers use) is buried with a note inside to give Mason Industries a reason that the team hasn’t been able to return.

Unfortunately for the team and the organization, the method is a bit flawed as none of the actual letter survives to the present other than the words “death” and “millennium.” Perhaps they should send the team with something that doesn’t fade over the course of a few hundred years instead of having them rely on the materials available at the time? Luckily, Jiya figures out what Rufus was trying to say.

This is Rufus’ episode

Just as “The Alamo” gave us more backstory for Wyatt and allowed the audience to connect with him, “Stranded” does the same for Rufus.

Not only does Rufus keep Lucy and Wyatt from getting killed, but he’s the one responsible for patching up their ship and getting them out of 1754. He even uses a blacksmith’s forge to create what he needs! His note to Jiya might not come through to anyone else, but all of his knowledge and honesty is what saves the team -- and he also gets the girl.

Rufus has been awkwardly dancing around his feelings for Jiya during the first five episodes of the series, and the two even went on a date, but it’s not until tonight’s episode that the audience sees that she has feelings for him as well.

To top it off, we also got some Rufus backstory. He actually meet Mr. Mason when he was still a middle school student participating in a science fair, and he made such an impression that he kept an eye on him, knowing he’d want to work with Rufus one day. Color me impressed!

The verdict

I do wish we got to see more of the Shawnee and what Flynn was up to, but a nice break from the traditional “Timeless” format.

3 out of 5 stars

What’s next

The team gets ready for the “Space Race” next week.

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