Secrets are the order of the day in this episode of “Timeless.” Not only does Flynn want what he thinks is a secret document mentioned in “The Watergate Tape,” but he also reveals to Wyatt and Rufus that he and Lucy have been talking on every single mission they’ve been on so far. That’s not the only secret revealed, though.

Benjamin Cahill

Benjamin Cahill is the name on the slip of paper we saw at the end of the previous episode. This is the professor Lucy’s mother knew in the 70s -- and Lucy’s father.

But he’s also the “Rittenhouse man” who has been threatening Rufus, though we don’t get this reveal until the end of the episode as we also see he has a teenage son.

This might cause my theory that Lucy was actually Flynn’s daughter to get thrown out, but I’m okay with that because what a doozy of a reveal! He’s got to know that Lucy is his daughter, and if/when she finds out the truth about who he is, the conspiracy theories are really going to start flowing.

The document is actually Doc

The group assumes they’re looking for a secret document, but in reality, the “doc” is a doctor of history who used to work for Rittenhouse.

In fact, she kept their membership roster. Talk about a twist the audience didn’t see coming. Even though there were so many secrets revealed amongst the team members, this twist was the most interesting part of the episode to me. We know that Rittenhouse doesn’t trust anything to be written down now and that involvement in their organization is hereditary. I’m curious to see if we meet Doc again in the future since her real name was never revealed and neither was the name of her son.

Rittenhouse goes deep

The mysterious organization that’s been extorting service out of Rufus that Lucy previously believed was a delusion from Flynn isn’t just alive and well in the present. Rufus is told to call and check in to a line in 1972 and the name Rittenhouse is heard during the missing moments on the Watergate tape.

Just how far back does Rittenhouse go? Doc says they were founded in 1778.

How involved are they in major historical events? We don’t know just yet, but it would appear they’re a major presence in history. Perhaps, they’re even controlling it, shaping the world in the way that they want. They haven’t wasted any time in threatening Rufus or wanting Doc dead to keep their secrets.

What Flynn really wants

While holding Wyatt hostage, Flynn doesn’t hold much back. It would be like one of those cliche movie moments where the villain tells the hero his plan -- except that Flynn is seeming less and less like a villain the more we see of him. Flynn explains to Wyatt that he discovered Rittenhouse funded Mason Industries, and he wanted to know who they were.

As a result, Rittenhouse had Flynn’s family killed. He barely made it out of the house himself. He’s been trying to dismantle Rittenhouse ever since. This brings up the question of just how he’s planning on doing that. Is Flynn actually setting out to correct history, not destroy it?

Lucy has a few gaps in her knowledge

It’s always gratifying to see that Lucy isn’t knowledgeable at every historical juncture. This time, it’s Rufus who gets to one-up her as he knows more about Black history in the US, specifically Black militant groups in the 70s.

Not only does this remind the audience that Lucy can’t be all knowing, but also that history is incredibly whitewashed.

Lucy has pursued history academically, which means most of the data she has and the stories she knows were recorded by white men. It’s an important distinction in the perceived history and actual history, and I’m excited to see the show address that at some point more so than they did here.

The verdict

With so many twists and turns, this just might be my favorite episode so far.

4 out of 5 stars.

What’s next

The team heads back to 1754 in “Stranded,” but they might not be able to leave.

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