The young family tries to get to Rebecca's parents' house for their Thanksgiving holiday, but an unforeseen car breakdown forces them to start their new family tradition. "This Is Us" showed adult Kate, Randall, and Kevin unwillingly confront drastic life-changing decisions.

The group never make it to grandmother's house

After a flat tire, the Pearsons have to walk to the nearest gas station that's 3.4 miles away and find out they can't get a tow truck until morning; the family has to stay at the nearby Pinewood Lodge Motel -- there they meet an unusual desk clerk that calls himself "Pilgrim Rick." The Pearsons replace slow-roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie for skew hot dogs that are heated over the hotel furnace’s flame -- they wrap the hot dogs in Kraft cheese slices and roll them in crushed Saltines.

As a result, a new Thanksgiving family tradition is born!

Hearts are broken when the family has to face reality

The night before the holiday, while out at a restaurant, Kate dumps Toby during dinner. She tells him how terrible she felt after their last meal together; it led her to eat a box of donuts in her car -- she explains to Toby that his reasoning about losing weight does not go along with what she wants out of life.

At Randall’s holiday reunion, Kevin is forced to give up his father's Pilgrim hat to Miguel, who he doesn't like; so that now his stepfather can continue the family's Thanksgiving tradition of playing "Pilgrim Rick." On an errand, back at William’s apartment Randall finds a personal letter from Rebecca to William from a long time ago -- it has a picture of little Randall, and he realizes she's been lying to him for decades!

Spoilers tease that Randall is shocked and has tears in his eyes. During dinner, Randall questions his mother about the letter -- he dismisses her tears and explanation, and tells her “I can’t even look at you,” and runs out of the room.

The Pearson family is left to continue to pick-up the mess from a long time ago!

"This Is Us" airs Tuesday nights on NBC.

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