The conflict has been growing for some time, and the Pearsons' are trying to work things out. In the meanwhile, most of the family concentrates on personal growth; but at the same time, they want to hold on to each other. Deep down they're all seeking love and attention. Unfortunately, their lives started with secrets and lies.

The truth is out in the open

TV Line reports that Kevin and Randall have never gotten along with each other throughout their lives, and they have drifted apart. It's not because Randall is a nerd or Kevin is Mr. Cool. Randall is a successful East Coast businessman. He's married, and the father of two beautiful daughters.

Moreover, Randall is not jealous of Kevin's acting career. He played the lead role on a long-running sitcom called "The Manny." Nor is the reason for their fractured relationship because of his new acting job in New York City. During a discussion in the middle of the street, their resentment boils over.

Kevin discovers that he makes Randall feel like a "dog" and never gave him any respect or affection. And, Kevin confesses that every single chance he got, Randall always wanted to outshine him. But the fact is, Randall's skin color has always been a problem; he constantly got preferential treatment from their mother. She didn't want Randall to feel different and overcompensated which overlooked the other two siblings.

Kate is jealous of Toby for losing more weight than her. And if that wasn't bad enough, he's not working at it very hard.

They want to lose weight together, but they realize it is an individual progress with ups and downs.

More trouble to come

It's no mystery Beth and William feel uncomfortable around each other. She has to compete with him for the attention of her own family. As well as, he has taken over her home office.

William messed up and told her a family secret. She knows that Rebecca made a deal with William when Randall was an infant, and calls her to confront her about keeping such a shocker from her son.

Rebecca and Jack are showing signs that their relationship is heading for disaster. She went back to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. Then, she tried telling Jack about her day, but he ignored her. All the small things they used to do for each other are gone, and all their routines have changed. Jack confessed to his friend from work (Miguel), that his marriage is turning into something he does not understand.

Could Jack and Rebecca be headed for a painful breakup?

"This Is Us' airs Tuesday nights on NBC.

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