The new series "This Is Us" is one of the best shows of the season. From the very first show, they have drawn viewers in and left them wanting more as the credits roll. The storyline jumps from when the children were young to current day.

Secrets always come out

The Thanksgiving episode is when Randall learned the truth. His wife, Beth, had figured out that William knew Rebecca from the past when the two had shared some pot brownies. Randall found a letter in William's apartment when he went there to pick up some cassette tapes his father liked to listen to on the holiday.

Fearing it would be his dad's final Thanksgiving, it was a loving gesture that changed everything. Right under the case of cassettes there was an envelope with Rebecca's handwriting that contained a letter as well as a picture of a young Randall.

As the family went around the table saying what they were thankful for, Randall could hold it no longer. His anger and pain were evident as he confronted his mother. He had asked her so many times for information on his birth parents and each time she had claimed to know nothing.

The siblings take a trip together

This episode of "This Is Us" is called "The Trip." The three siblings will gather at the family cabin to regroup after the shocker at Thanksgiving dinner. It will be the bridge episode that leads into the Christmas episode coming early next month. This trip is when Randall will be visited by Jack in a dream to get some much needed fatherly advice.

Randall and Rebecca have had a very close relationship since he was a child.

The bond between them is very unique and special, based on a level of love and understanding that neither of them could even begin to explain. Now, however, their relationship may be in serious trouble because of the betrayal Randall is feeling over the secret his mother has kept all these years.

Kevin and Kate may be headed for an upset in their relationship as well. The twins have always been super tight, but Olivia says something that causes drama between Kate and her brother.

Could it be regarding the gastric bypass surgery plan that Kate announced upon her arrival?

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