"The Walking Dead’s" fourth episode is going to break television tradition by airing an extend episode this upcoming season.

The extra runtime might be for the return of Negan

While the show traditionally aims at an hour-long, or 60 minute mark, the new episode will be 85 minutes instead. While the series has previously released extended episodes of the series beforehand on home releases, this will be the first time this is going to happen during the original television airing.According to a press release, the episode, which will be titled “Service,” will showcase the surviving members of the group trying to keep things calm in Alexandria.

However, they will also receive a visit from an unexpected character.

Sources have indicated that the character will likely be Negan, portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who was introduced in the previous season’s season finale. While unconfirmed, it is expected that the extra run-time might feature an extended monologue from Negan. Trailers have also confirmed that the character will appear regardless of if he is the supposed character or not, and he also appears in the corresponding comics the series is based upon, where he is shown criticizing the residents and narrowly getting into a fight.

The episode is set to air on November 13 at 9 PM, and will continue to around 10:25 PM.

Andrew Lincoln teases 'Lord of the Rings' style storyline

Series actor Andrew Lincoln, who portrays the character of Rick Grimes, also released a statement saying that the season, and likely the upcoming episode, will reflect the theme of “rebuilding.” While the characters will still experience the hardships of trauma and grief, especially reflecting on the events of the controversial Season 7 opener, they will also find themselves a growing part of this “new regime that they are now part of.”

Tying into previous statements that the show will indulge in a lighter tone of sorts this season, Lincoln also said things will be closer to the fantasy or adventure-oriented “Lord of the Rings” instead of the more macabre “Lord of the Flies.”

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