If you like your TV dramas to be extra-long, you’re in for a treat. “The Walking Dead” already had a few extended episodes and a 90 minute episode in the first five of season seven, but there are even more on the way. At least two more of the upcoming episodes will be extended beyond their usual time slot.

‘Swear’ gets an extra 10 minutes

If you utilize AMC network’s online schedule, you might have already noticed that next week’s episode will be a little longer.

Episode six, titled “Swear,” features an extra 10 minutes on the AMC schedule.

This probably only amounts to an extra scene or two, and an extra segment of commercials, but a little more time with Rick and company is sure to please fans.

Swear” is the episode that should finally catch the audience up with Tara and Heath, whom we haven’t seen since they left to get supplies in season six. Granted, it’s only been a few days since they left in show time, but that doesn’t mean the audience hasn’t been wondering.

‘Sing Me A Song’ gets an extra thirty minutes

Like episode four this season, episode seven will get the ninety minute treatment, which likely means we’ll be getting a whole lot more time with Negan.

Why Negan? "Sing Me A Song" as the episode title is a nod to a moment in the graphic novels when Negan wants Carl to sing to him. Given that the most recent episode saw Carl trying to find a way to exact revenge on Negan for the deaths of his friends and the way the leader is treating the people of Alexandria, it looks like they’ll finally be meeting up.

Does ‘The Walking Dead’ need all this extra time?

Cynics will say longer episodes just mean more commercials, and while that’s true to an extent, the commercials provide the advertising revenue that allows the network to add in more scenes for the viewers’ benefit. More commercials implies more content; that’s the trade off.

Some fans also haven’t been too happy with the extended episodes, asserting that some of the story that’s playing out is taking too long to be told.

That might be true for some of what we’ve seen so far, but longer episodes also allow writers to include scenes that otherwise end up in the deleted sections of the DVDs and to get deeper into the story itself. We’ll just have to wait and see.

At this point, nearly every episode of the season is extended in some way. Episodes one, three, and five all went a few minutes past their usual one hour slot. Episode four, of course, had that full ninety minutes. Only episodes two and eight of the first batch don’t appear to be getting any kind of extended treatment.

The Walking Dead” airs Sundays at 9PM on AMC.

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