“The Walking Dead” is on tonight and here are “TWD” spoilers for season 7 episode 6 titled “Swear.” This episode takes us away from the communities and out to the seashore as we get our first glimpse of Tara and Heath since they left on that run two weeks ago in “TWD” time and months in our time.

Heath has lost faith in humanity

Tara and Heath ventured far since we last saw them in season 6. Heath declares their search over and says nothing is out here and they don’t have gas to keep going. Its been two weeks and he wants to turn back but Tara says they need medicine and ammo so they need to press on.

They are oblivious to what has happened, don’t know about Glenn and Abraham’s deaths, and Negan taking over their community. Tara says people are counting on them but he doesn’t care. Heath is disgusted by their Savior slaughter and says no one is in this together anymore.

Tara washes up on shore

Next time we see Tara, there is a young girl with a sharp stick and she and her older companion are out killing “bobbers” -- what the Oceanside people call walkers in water. The young girl proudly stabs one with her stick and says she’s killed it. The girl sees another at the shore and runs to finish it off but the woman stops her. It’s not a bobber. It’s a human and it’s Tara. How did Tara go from chilling in the little RV to human plankton?

That’s the big question. It’s more sand and fish than tigers in this episode.

Heath dead? Can Tara make it back to Alexandria?

Tara doesn’t know her lover Dr. Denise is dead, so she’s got some nasty surprises when she gets home. She’ll also have the nasty shock of Negan’s takeover of the community. But first we meet the people of Oceanside who may play a larger role in the TV series than in the comics.

Tara gets to fight some nasty sand-embedded walkers and other terrors based on the trailer when we saw her running alone in the woods, hiding out. It seems very likely that Heath will die in this episode so prepare yourself.

Babies, movies, and blossoming careers

If you didn’t know why Tara and Heath took an extended field trip, Alanna Masterson (Tara) was pregnant and delivered her first child in November so they had to devise a plot twist to get her off scene when she was showing too much to explain it.

At the same time, Corey Hawkins (Heath) was shooting Kong: Skull Island and then landed a plum role in the new 24: Legacy TV series. That means he’ll very likely be featured on “The Talking Dead” In Memoriam segment this week and may be the “special guest” on the couch.

“The Walking Dead” is on tonight on AMC at 9 pm Eastern and season 7 episode 6 “Swear” will be a 70-minute episode.

"The Walking Dead" video promo - extended Tara and Heath spoilers:

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