"The Walking Dead" has our favorite characters in total upheaval. Rick is no longer in charge, Daryl is being held captive by Negan, Carol and Morgan have met King Ezekiel at the Kingdom. Rick, for the second time, is broken and unable to lead his people.

Maggie has strength

Maggie is stronger than she shows. She is able to read people and knows how to talk to them to get what is needed. She knows when to hold back and let them think they are winning and she has shown she knows when to stand up and roar.

Maggie is more like Negan than Rick, and we saw this through Deanna's eyes in season 6. Rick needs her help to win the war that is brewing with the Saviors.

Herschel prepared them

Rick learned a lot from Herschel about planting and tending crops but Maggie grew up a farm girl her whole life. She knows how to shoot and is able to fight to protect herself and others. While in the safety of the prison, Herschel taught Maggie a lot more to prepare her for the world they were living in. She learned how to care for wounds, what to do for the sick, and of course, how to deliver a baby.

She even performed the c-section on Lori when Judith was born.

Maggie can defeat the Saviors

Problems with her pregnancy caused Maggie to have to leave Alexandria. Her arrival at Hilltop will be the change that saves them. She sees that Gregory is a poor leader and begins to question his authority as time goes on. Maggie also begins to teach the residents how to fight, empowering them. The residents of Hilltop begin to trust her, not Rick.

She is the one showing them that she has their best interest in mind. Rick has been with Maggie too long and they are too close for Rick to make an enemy out of her and continue to align with Negan.

Another change that Maggie has in her favor is Carol. As she has so many times before, Carol will show up to help save them. She will be able to bring the Kingdom into an alliance with Maggie. This will give them the numbers they need to take on Negan and the Saviors.

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