"The Walking Dead" will introduce fans to not only a new colony but catch up with Heath and Tara. We have not seen the two since they agreed to scavenge for the Hilltop community so that Negan could be paid on his next visit. Of course that was during the dream sequence of the season premiere.

Tara and Heath dig up danger

As Heath and Tara are searching for items of value, they come upon an abandoned community that is filled with sand piles. As they dig through they manage to uncover a herd of zombies rather than valuables.

There are more than they can fight off, and the two become separated.

Tara will be seen next in the current time. She is on a beach surrounded by water, with food and a spear left by a woman we will come to know as Cyndie. She is part of an all-female community called Oceanside that is led by her grandmother Natania. Having faced Negan in the past, the Saviors killed all of the men in the community leaving the women and children to fend for themselves. We soon learn that the Oceanside community has implemented a strict policy that any strangers who enter will be killed!

Tara is safe with the new community -- at first. Then she tells them about the battle with the Saviors at the outpost in season 6. The Oceanside residents begin to feel that a union with Alexandria may be too dangerous. Two residents, Beatrice and Kathy are instructed to make Tara believe they are going to join an alliance with Alexandria, lure her to the woods and kill her. Their attack on Tara is unsuccessful and she gets away, later to be assisted by Cyndie as she must evade walkers.

What happened to Heath?

Tara is never reunited with Heath but there is hope. When she gets back to where the two had left their car, it is gone. She makes her way home to Alexandria and is told about Negan's slaughter of Abraham and Glenn as well as the death of Denise. She is of course terribly distraught.

Fans feel the tension mounting and see there will soon be a war against Negan. When will the communities begin to unite?

Will Carol and Morgan bring the Kingdom into an alliance with Alexandria and Hilltop soon?

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