Tonight “The Walking Dead” spoilers for season 7 episode 5 “Go Getters” say we finally get to see what happened to Maggie and Sasha who have not been seen since the season 7 premiere. There is action at the Hilltop community as the Saviors torment Gregory’s community and finally more Jesus! Unfortunately, no King Ezekiel this go around.

Michonne tells Carl to stand down

Watching “The Walking Dead” spoilers promo (see below) for “Go Getters” you glimpse Carl talking to sorta step-mom Michonne who isn’t following Rick at the moment.

Carl asks why she didn’t go with his dad and Michonne says she has to figure things out. Carl asks what she needs to get sorted.

Michonne wonders how they can live under Negan’s thumb and Carl’s answer is that they can’t. Carl brings teen angst to the zombie apocalypse by telling her that his dad is wrong. Michonne agrees that she thinks Rick is wrong, but doesn’t know for sure if he is. She tells him to be nice to Olivia after last week's tension.

Meanwhile over at Hilltop

Social media exploded with comments from fans who didn’t understand Father Gabriel made a fake grave and that Maggie is alive and well at Hilltop.

She’s got some placenta issues with the pregnancy but otherwise seems to be fine – then Saviors come calling to the community.

Simon, played by Steven Ogg, leads a contingent of Saviors to hassle the Hilltop and unfortunately, Carl and Enid snuck over there since Enid wants to see Maggie desperately but things aren’t peace and quiet there thanks to the Savior invasion when they come for a tribute payment.

Hilltop leader Gregory whines

Hilltop’s leader Gregory rants to Jesus because the Alexandrians didn’t take out the Saviors and he’s worried they’ll be punished if Maggie is found at their community. Gregory is a tool and it will be great if this story line follows the comics and Maggie takes his place as the leader.

A huge band of Saviors shows just as Gregory is whining. Carl and Enid have a fight on the way there and he tells her he’s not saving her anymore.

If you watch the second video below you see someone running down a guy in a car – is that Carl plowing over a walker or Savior?

The Whisperers are coming!

This is big. Robert Gimple previously said this icky group of baddies was NOT coming in season 7. These are the dudes that walk around among hordes wearing walker skin. But now, on IMDB, on season 7 episode 8 “Hearts Still Beating” the episode description says “Whisperers attack Alexandria."

The description also says an unlikely ally saves them. Could be that Negan rolls in to save their skins since if they’re dead, they can’t work for him. Also in that episode, Olivia and Spencer will die, according to “The Walking Dead” spoilers.

But that’s for later. Tonight we’ve got season 7 episode 5 "Go Getters"!

“The Walking Dead” season 7 episode 5 airs tonight on AMC.

“The Walking Dead” video promo shown after the last episode:

“The Walking Dead” video bonus promo at Hilltop:

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