Fans of "The Walking Dead" all know that Rick may be down but he ain't out! The opening of the season changed everything. The whole dynamic of the group. The loss of both Abraham and Glenn in such a horrible way deflated the whole gang. Daryl being held hostage instead of by Rick's side is another hard blow. But Maggie is still by Rick, and she is set on revenge!

Episode 4 is named "Service." Negan will make his way to Alexandria to collect his goods from Rick and his people. Most of the Alexandria compound have had no interaction with Negan and the Saviors.

Thelevel of cruelty and fear he can inflict is something that no words could express to them but they will soon see it first-hand.

Alexandria residents meet Negan

Olivia, the inventor, strikes Negan's interest, however. Promos show him spending time with her and being friendly. Other residents of Alexandria don't have a positive experience, however. He makes fun of some of them and almost gets into a physical confrontation that would have a very bad ending. Instead, he leaves Alexandria but not before Carl hides away in the convoy carrying an assault rifle.

Remember in the execution lineup when Negan and his right hand man Simon noticed that Carl was carrying a Savior weapon? And now he is on what appears to be a suicide mission.

We know from previews that Rick reminds the group that he is no longer in charge and Negan is now the one they all answer to. From being part of "The Walking Dead" family for the previous six seasons, we know that Rick will eventually stand and fight to take Negan out.

Andrew Lincoln, the actor who portrays Rick, has said this season is more "Lord of the Rings" than "Lord of the Flies."This puzzler leaves fans to ponder.

Lucille in Alexandria?

A strange spoiler we have been given is that Rick ends up hanging onto Negan's beloved Lucille. Promos show it laying on a window sill. Having Rick hold the weapon used to kill two of his men is twisted, even for Negan.

Tune in November 13th on AMC at 9PM Eastern time, 8PM Central for the 85 minute episode!

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