Episode 2 of "The Walking Dead" caught fans up on Carol and Morgan as they got to know King Ezekiel at The Kingdom. The name was "The Well" and referred to Ezekiel telling them that if they drank from the well, to help fill the well. This week is named "The Cell" and sadly appears to be about Daryl.

Daryl is really on his own this time

It feels like so long since we have seen Daryl. In the season premiere, after the death of Abraham, we saw him have an emotional outburst that upset Negan. The unstable leader of the Saviors became unhinged and used his barb wire covered bat Lucille to kill Glenn.

Daryl, being the loyal protector that he is, has to feel incredible guilt that he caused Glenn's death. Being separated from Rick and his group only makes it worse. To top it all off, he knows that no one is coming to save him from his captors. Norman Reedus, who portrays Daryl, has said that his character is in a dark place. We will see Daryl scared for the first time!

Dwight befriends Daryl?

Dwight has done some horrible things as part of his loyalty to the Saviors. Remember he is the one that shot Denise with Daryl'scrossbow on the railroad tracks.

It seems that he may be an unlikely ally to our beloved Daryl in the weeks to come. The relationship seems to be budding as he pulls Daryl to his knees to show respect to Negan. "The Walking Dead" spoilers tell us that he will do his part to keep Daryl safe by making sure he follows the rules that seem to be in place.

No Rick again this week

This week's episode will not include Rick or the group in Alexandria.

Hopefully they will be in episode 4 which is set to be an 85 minute episode. Just five minutes shy of a feature length installment. Many are pondering that this could lead to more death but when Michael Cudlitz, the actor who portrayed Abraham, was asked if he thought Negan would strike again he said he thought Negan had clearly made his point in episode 1.

This week we will learn more about the Saviors and the Sanctuary they call home.

The contrast to the settlements we are used to should be dramatic, as we see on Daryl's face.

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