A new clip was released by AMC and in it, we can see that both Daryl Dixon and Dwight will be featured in the upcoming Season 7, episode 3 titled "The Cell." The synopsis, also released by AMC, says of the episode, "A new group of survivors seem to have it all in their impressive community; however there is a price." What exactly does that mean for the future of Daryl and will he ever get revenge on Dwight, who quickly became his adversary in Season 6?

Be forwarned: There are massive The Walking Dead spoilers going forward.

For those "TWD" fans who have not stayed current or who do not want future episodes spoiled, please proceed with caution.

Daryl Dixon is still alive and will face Negan

it looks like Negan is still out to make examples of Rick's group and Daryl Dixon is next on the list. While Negan isn't about to kill Daryl the way he did Glenn or Abraham, he is going to teach Daryl and everyone who loves him that he can be just as sadistic with the living as he is when he kills someone he considers an enemy.

In the upcoming episode 3, Negan will be shown keeping Daryl as his prisoner in a cell, hence the title of the episode "The Cell." To make matters worse, Norman Reedus recently spoke about the condition of his character in the upcoming episode.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Norman said that Daryl is currently locked in a cell and that he's completely naked and forced to eat dog food.

Daryl blames himself for Glenn's death

According to Norman Reedus, Daryl can't get over the fact that Glenn is dead and that it's on him. If Daryl hadn't jumped up in defense of Rosita when Negan pointed Lucille at her, then Negan wouldn't have felt the need to prove how serious he was when he told Rick and his survivors not to try anything on him or his men during the confrontation.

While Daryl will never forgive himself for what happened to Glenn during the Season 7 premiere "The Walking Dead," it looks like fans might not either. Soon after the Season 7 premiere revealed Glenn's death and how it came about, fans took to social media to talk about how angry they were with Daryl Dixon. This is a sharp turn for Daryl, who typically is a fan favorite and everyone's hero. It looks like Daryl will definitely be holding on to the upset over Glenn's death for a very long time.

Meanwhile, he has also become Negan's current victim and it's still not known if he'll even survive.

Tune in to "The Walking Dead" on AMC on Sunday at 9/8 central to learn more about what happens to Daryl at the hands of Negan.

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