“The Walking Dead” spoilers for season 7 episode 4 “Give Them What They Want” say Daryl Dixon finally makes it back to the Alexandria Safe Zone (ASZ) but it’s not the joyful homecoming that anyone wants or expects. Daryl is still hostage and he’s clearly on serial killer Negan’s leash. See the extended Video trailer below for the upcoming “TWD” episode on Sunday, November 13.

Roll out the welcome mat

Negan told Rick Grimes and the ASZ community members that survived him to expect him at their door in a week to pick up their first installment of tribute payments.

Rick is stunned when Negan doesn’t wait the week and comes knocking with a band of brigands far earlier.

What’s most shocking for everyone is that Daryl is among the crew that comes to ASZ to pick up Negan’s payment and he’s in far worse shape than last they saw him. It looks like Daryl is not on “Easy Street.” We'll see Daryl dragged around like a dog which stuns ASZ peeps.

Eugene is broken without Abraham

See the extended promo below and you’ll find that Rosita Espinosa and Spencer Monroe are in the car prepping to go scavenging to cull some things for the upcoming payments to the Saviors and Negan.

They find Eugene Porter by the gate tinkering with a stereo.

They tell Eugene to open the gate then invite him along on their run but he declines. Eugene insists he’s doing his part by fixing up the sound system to offer to Negan. Perhaps he doesn’t know that the “Easy Street” tormenters are already kitted out for stereo gear.

Negan makes demands, reminds Rick

Before they make it out of the gate, Negan arrives whistling and pounds on the gate with Lucille saying, “Little pig, little pig, let me in.” Rick remains frightened of Negan, and rightly so.

“The Walking Dead” season 7 episode 4 spoilers video show Negan openly taunting Rick.

The supersized 90 minute “TWD” episode has Negan using his brutal bat Lucille to take out a walker at the gate with a head shot which serves to remind Rick of how he killed Glenn Rhee and Abraham Ford. Rick tells the Alexandria community he’s not in charge anymore and that “Negan is.”

Michonne walks away from Rick

Other bonus footage shown after “The Talking Dead” last week has Michonne not ready to give in.

Rick is broken but Michonne is defiant. She loads up her rifle and leaves their home. Other video spoilers see her firing at someone or something.

“TWD” spoilers show that S7 E4 will take place primarily within the ASZ with some action outside. Season 7 episode 5 “Go-Getters” will bounce over to the Hilltop community where Maggie Greene is convalescing. Jesus and Hilltop leader Gregory figure into that one.

More deaths to come in season 7

Carl Grimes and his JSS pal Enid head to Hilltop in episode 5. Season 7 episode 6, finds Tara and Heath who have been on a run since the season 6 “The Walking Dead” finale.

They encounter a new community and the walkers slithering up from the sand indicates it’s the Oceanside community.

Season 7 episode 7 “Blazing Hell” spoilers have Negan attacking Alexandria with grenades and burning the community down. Season 7 episode 8 is “Exodus” where ASZ folks troop to Hilltop in preparation for war of the combined communities against the Saviors.

It won’t be pretty. “The Walking Dead” spoilers show two more major character deaths by the mid-season finale. And with war hitting towards the end of season 7, we’ll likely see many more bodies fall, but hopefully most will be Saviors.

“The Walking Dead” season 7 episode 4 “Give Them What They Want” airs Sunday, November 13 on AMC.

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