The "Walking Dead" season 7 premiere was one of the most anticipated episodes of 2016. After the previous season ended with a victim's-eye-view of the first death, fans had been going out of their way to find out who it was. Some who have read the comic books even wondered if the premiere would stay true to the source material.

It did, and also made up for another death which the source material claims happened a while back.

In the aftermath of these deaths, Negan had given Rick's group specific orders against doing anything on his turf without his permission. After he left, Maggie had decided to head to Hilltop, where she could get help from a specialist for her current condition.

Unfortunately Hilltop happens to be Negan's territory.

After the death of someone very close to Maggie, she probably felt like she had nothing to lose besides her unborn baby. The others in the group had warned her against doing so, but she persisted, eventually getting Sasha to join her. Both of them had lost someone dear to them.

Negan's wrath isn't always against the person who committed the wrong

When Negan killed his first victim in Rick's group, the victim hadn't done anything to deserve it, nor did the second. It didn't stop Negan from killing anyway. This could mean that Maggie and Sasha are safe from Negan's wrath. Since Daryl has already been taken to the Saviors' sanctuary for a more personal "education," he would be the easiest target, and an easy way for the writers to let him go since he was never in the comics anyway.

Of course if Negan kills Daryl this early, the show could lose a lot of fans. He is easily one of the most polarizing characters in Rick's group and just a well-liked character in general.

According to Cleveland and Coming Soon, episode 4 will have Rick and Daryl head back to Alexandria's safe zone with Negan to deliver the unsettling news of the arrangement.

At this point Negan might not know that Maggie and Sasha have already violated the arrangement by heading to Hilltop.

'TWD' season 7 episode 4 could end in Negan learning of the Hilltop journey

If Negan finds out Maggie and Sasha have violated his rules, Alexandria could see his wrath with another "Lucille" moment.

This would lead right into episode 5, which will likely focus on Hilltop and the news about Maggie's baby.

What do you think will happen in this Sunday's episode?

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