Here are "The Walking Dead" Season 7 Episode 6 spoilers, trailer and air date. The next installment of the AMC's most popular show is titled "Swear". Here's the official synopsis: "Someone stumbles upon a brand new society, and this society is unlike anything seen before". The brief synopsis on AMC's website is: "A new community is discovered".

'The Walking Dead' - 'Swear' trailer and sneak peek video

After the last episode of the show, AMC released, as usual, a new video trailer and a sneak peek video of the next installment.

'TWD' 7x06 spoilers - Heath, Tara and the new community

Be careful: spoilers on "The Walking Dead" Season 7 Episode 6 will follow! Where did Heath and Tara end up when they went out to scavenge? In TWD 7x06 we will see those characters again and according to many sources, they will be the ones who encounter some members of the new community.

Many fans are wondering which community they will encounter. Several sources suggest that they will come across the Oceanside community, a group of fishermen and fisherwomen who live on the east coast of the United States.

However, this group appears only later in the Comic Book Series, therefore it's more likely that Heath and Tara will encounter members of another group, The Whisperers: fearsome people who may actually kill Heath or Tara in the next episode of the show. The trailer actually provides some hidden clues which strongly suggest the appearance of The Whisperers: we're pretty sure they're the ones who are going to "introduce themselves" to Heath and Tara!

Negan, the Sanctuary and Rick

In episode 7x06 we will also see Negan again, as well as Daryl and Dwight. Since Rick went out seeking for supplies, we cannot exclude that in the next episode he will discover the community led by king Ezekiel, The Kingdom.

TWD 7x06 air date

What about the air date of "The Walking Dead" Season 7 Episode 6? The next installment will air on AMC on Sunday, November 27, while the most-awaited mid-season finale is scheduled on December 11, 2017.

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